At ConsumerLink we are proud of our online Consumer and Business panels.  They are not only highly profiled but also very responsive.  That is why companies around the world choose us when looking for online sample in New Zealand.

ConsumerLink, as an online sample provider, meets all ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research) operational requirements for the provision of online samples for market, opinion, and social research.  These requirements were developed to ensure that any sample we supply meets widely accepted quality criteria.

ConsumerLink’s sample is primarily sourced from our proprietary Flybuys panel.  Because it is our panel we are constantly growing, protecting and improving it.  Our dedicated panel team actively manages and looks to improve the respondent experience so we have more loyal and engaged panel members. More engaged respondents result in better quality data.

We can also connect you to New Zealand decision makers and business owners in different industry sectors via our business panel.  Hard-to-reach business people can be found using Phone-to-Web methodology where respondents are first recruited by phone and then receive a link to an online survey by e-mail.