Panel Quality

Our aim is to provide you with the highest possible quality from respondents. Each person on our panel has been screened and profiled so that we can ensure access to the right respondents quickly and accurately.

We continually maintain our panel to ensure that panellist information is accurate and up to date. Furthermore, we periodically do a ‘spring clean’ of our panel, ensuring that non-active members do not sit there for too long.

We also have an on-site panel team who regularly monitor the panel, responding to respondent’s queries regarding surveys, making sure all quotas are met and that you receive your results in a timely manner.

Working in partnership with Flybuys further enhances our panel quality, as respondents are rewarded for their time with Flybuys points and do not see the survey as a sales exercise.

Consumer Link ensures that all online surveys adhere to industry standards and legislation relating to privacy and spam email. We recruit panellists from a range of sources and have controls in place to prevent the same respondents completing multiple questionnaires on similar topics within short periods of time. 

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