Our OmniJet is an online Omnibus.  It is conducted fortnightly by our dedicated Web Design Team and surveys 1,000 individuals aged 18 years and over, throughout New Zealand.

Our OmniJet is an ideal option for clients who want to conduct smaller studies of the general online population. Because several different clients include questions in our OmniJet this results in economies of scale for everyone and a cost and time effective outcome.

Omnijet Dates for 2017

Questions Confirmed (by 10 am)Fieldwork Data ProcessingData Available
WavesFridayWednesday - WednesdayWednesday - FridayFriday
113-Jan18-25 Jan25-27 Jan27-Jan
2*26 Jan (Thurs)*1-9 (Thurs) Feb8-13 Feb*13 Feb (Mon)
310-Feb15-22 Feb22-24 Feb24-Feb
424-Feb1-8 Mar8-10 Mar10-Mar
510-Mar15-22 Mar22-24 Mar24-Mar
624-Mar29 Mar - 5 Apr5-7 Apr07-Apr
7*6 Apr (Thurs)*11(Tues)-19 Apr19-21 Apr21-Apr
8*20 Apr (Thurs)26 Apr - 3 May3-5 May05-May
905-May10-17 May17-19 May19-May
1019-May24-31 May31 May - 2 Jun02-Jun
11*1 Jun (Thurs)7-14 Jun14-16 Jun16-Jun
1216-Jun21-28 Jun28-30 Jun30-Jun
1330-Jun5-12 Jul12-14 Jul14-Jul
1414-Jul19-26 Jul26-28 Jul28-Jul
1528-Jul2-9 Aug9-11 Aug11-Aug
1611-Aug16-23 Aug23-25 Aug25-Aug
1725-Aug30 Aug - 6 Sep6-8 Sep08-Sep
1808-Sep13-20 Sep20-22 Sep22-Sep
1922-Sep27 Sep - 4 Oct4-6 Oct06-Oct
2006-Oct11-18 Oct18-20 Oct20-Oct
21*19 Oct (Thurs)25 Oct - 1 Nov1-3 Nov03-Nov
2203-Nov8-15 Nov15-17 Nov17-Nov
2317-Nov22-29 Nov29 Nov - 1 Dec01-Dec
2401-Dec6-13 Dec13-15 Dec15-Dec


*Change in days due to impact of Public Holiday affecting Auckland Office

Coding – data requiring coding, assume add +1 work day to the “Data Available” date

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